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Pet grooming

My pet grooming technique is slightly different to what you would think of, mainly due to being mobile but also due to the area of pets I specialize in (Nervous, Anxious and Mildly Aggressive)
When I make my first visit I am with you longer than my normal groom. This is so that you can get to know myself, as a person and a groomer, so I can get to know yourself and your fur baby but mainly so that your baby can get to know me and my scent(s).
I take my time the first visit, to ensure you and your baby feels at ease, calm and comfortable before I even think about setting up my grooming equipment etc. 
I am a very calm person and this helps me when I am grooming. I never make any quick harsh movements as this will frighten your fur baby and maybe then instill a negative experience that they will then associate with myself, making any future grooms a potential problem.

I groom in your home/garage/shed etc for the following reasons;1) pet is more comfortable and at ease2) pet can have regular breaks if needed - more for nervous and anxious dogs3) the pet parent can see how the dog behaves and how I treat the dog from start to finish
The service I offer is very pet centred with no distractions from other dogs, driers etc that would be in a grooming salon. 
You can say throughout the groom if you are happy with something I am doing or not. 
I always check what you want doing exactly as we go throughout your appointment. 
These areas, my grooming methods and my understanding is what I really pride myself on!

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