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Covid-19 Policy Update

With Covid-19 not going anywhere soon and with the new variant of Covid-19 becoming more apparent, Awesome Pawz is reminding clients that we are protecting ourselves and yourself by following current guidelines and using hand sanitizer/washing of hands regularly and wearing of face masks. In fact we are probably being more cautious with washing hands/using hand sanitizer as we have family members who are vulnerable. 

I may only be your ‘dog groomer/pet sitter etc’ and not someone you may think of informing but I am still as important as others.

Please, if you are alerted to being in contact with or have symptoms of any variant of Covid-19 please let me know ASAP! We all have to be deligent and work together to protect ourselves and each other. 

Awesome Pawz hopes you understand and if I have any symptoms or is alerted to being in contact with, ANY client I have had contact with within the previous 14 days will be sent a message informing them of this.
At the moment I am fine and continuing my weekly lateral flow tests at home. 
Let’s keep each other safe 🙏🐾

Covid-19 Policy Update: Covid-19 Update
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